Meet Elena

 Elena is the part-time startup founder of Tai Chi Motion. She set up Tai Chi Motion as a means to pass on her love of Tai Chi and Qigong to anyone who is curious to learn more about Tai Chi. 


It has been said that education is “a debt due from present to future generations”, and I aim to play my part in settling that debt to all students who decide to study and learn Tai Chi and Qigong with me.


I feel I am a steward of this beautiful art form. I have been very lucky and privileged to be able to travel and attend many intensive retreats and train with some excellent and gifted tai chi instructors over the years.


In my classes I aim to pass the knowledge I’ve gained in enjoyable and clear ways to anyone with an interest in learning Tai Chi and Qigong."

You are welcome to try her no obligations, free trial class.




Certified Energy Arts Instructor

 Collector of Tai Chi books